Sunday, 9 September 2012

Cthulhu Dark Ages: A New Jerusalem

I'm amazed I have power.

Hurricane Leslie was supposed to be a Category 2 storm at this point, and to have hit the island full-on. That was the prediction as of Thursday. As it happened, Leslie dwindled to a mere Tropical Storm and passed to the east of us; it may pick up the pace and whallop Nova Scotia, but thankfully that is someone else's worry. Even a Tropical Storm ought to have knocked out power & internet at some point, but it would seem that - so far at least - that risk is minimal.

So I figured I'd hop on for a very quick post about HammerCon. These guys have used scenarios of mine for the last two years in their Cthulhu Cup competition. Last year's scenario was a Call of Cthulhu Dark Ages scenario titled A New Jerusalem, and as I have a .pdf version I thought I'd share it with you.

A New Jerusalem is set in medieval Normandy. The action takes place in the town of Chavigny-sur-Scie, which at the time of the scenario is only eighty years old. The Town's leaders are asking for help: a series of horrific murders has them baffled, and the citizens are on the edge of panic. If this disrupts the Cloth Fair to be held in a few weeks time, it would be catastrophic for the town's future prospects. Can the protagonists solve the mystery before the killer strikes again?

The pregenerated characters are:

Belle, a hardworking matron and concerned citizen.

Guy de Troyes, a knight on the make.

Jehan of Burgundy, scholar and architect.

Laban ha Kohein, goldsmith and concerned citizen.

Martin Froissart, unlucky soldier.

Sister Herleve, nun and mystic.

I hope last year's players enjoyed this as much as I did writing it! I have submitted an idea for this year's Hammercon; it's up to them whether or not they use it. If they do it will be the first time I've ever used the Cthulhu Dark rules ... but that's all I'm prepared to say about it for now!

In the meantime if anyone would care to run A New Jerusalem feel free, but do let me know how you get on!

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