Sunday, 2 March 2014

Trail of Cthulhu: Many Deaths of Edward Bigsby

I trust you'll indulge me if I mention this again.

This scenario's now out at YSDC, and can also be had via DriveThruRPG and RPGNow. There's a review up at both DriveThru and RPGNow, by Megan R. She's very complimentary - thank goodness! - and I'm going to give you the first couple lines here:

"A most remarkable and strange adventure. Now, someone turning up on the investigators' doorstep and asking for help is quite normal. Even the poor fellow dropping dead before he manages to explain his problem is not completely out of the ordinary... but when what appear to be duplicate corpses start turning up all over town, then you KNOW something weird is going on!

Oh. All of the corpses have the party's address in their pocket. Just the thing to send nosy police officers round to visit ..."

As a reminder, the price is £2.99 or $6.95 US, and this is a .pdf only download. There are movements afoot to release a limited print edition of 100 copies. Details to follow, but this is something that UK folks are much more likely to be able to get hold of. Please note, this will be a signed limited edition, so if you've ever wondered just how illegible my signature is, now's your chance to find out!

This will not be the only YSDC scenario I release. Allow me to tease you with a snippet from a potential future release:

Sidney Pryce wants their help to set up a Big Store, to sucker a rich American into thinking he’s buying into a Burnt Auction. The rewards, Pryce promises, are incalculable; but soon after Pryce enlists their help, strange bird-creatures haunt the protagonists. How, they wonder, does Japanese folklore figure into it?