Sunday, 10 March 2019

Page XX (Gumshoe All)

I hope you've enjoyed the two Page XX strips I've created over the past months. Getaway and Nothing Is Forever both charge Night's Black Agents' Chase rules with fun ideas and a scenario to use them in, so if you haven't already beat feet to Pelgrane's site, please do!

Those were fun to write, and I've been given the opportunity to create more in the same vein. Cat asked if I could come up with articles for different systems - Esoterrorists, Trail, Bookhounds, that sort of thing. It's probably a good idea to steer clear of Mutant City Blues, since that's probably going to get reworked, and tho I love Swords of the Serpentine to death, since it's not out yet I can't touch it. Same goes for Yellow King, with the added complication that Robin's currently putting out some really cool stuff for it on Page XX anyway, so probably best avoid that one.

I thought it'd be interesting to ask you which you'd like to see. Is there a setting for which you'd like me to write a short scenario? It can't be longer than 1400 words, so don't get your hopes up.

Post answers in the comment field below! It'd be even better if you specified, say, a location, or an era. Esoterrorists in the 60s, say, or Trail in the American Midwest.

Of all Pelgrane's supplements, it should come as no surprise that Bookhounds and Night's Black Agents are my two favorites. I love Dreamhounds of Paris, but have yet to play a session in that setting. Same goes for TimeWatch; it's a brilliant idea that deserves more love, but I have yet to sit at a table with actual, living players, and run a session. Trail's great, but I'm a Call of Cthulhu guy from way back, so to my taste the setting needs a little something. The rules are better than CoC, but it needs maybe a little salt, more pepper, some garlic - something to make it savory.

However I'll entertain pretty much any suggestion you make - and note I said entertain, not promise to do something with it.

Random thoughts:
  •  a Trail scenario in which Bonnie and Clyde's Death Car haunts the back roads of Bienville Parish, Louisiana.  
  • an Esoterrorists scenario set in Toronto, Canada, in which immigrants from Hong Kong claim they're being stalked by a car with a Chinese number plate - one with only the number 4, the death 
  • a Bookhounds scenario in which the characters are asked by a wealthy eccentic, who may be a vampire, to prove the authenticity of his recent purchase.
  • a Dreamhounds scenario in which a nightmare posing as a publican bottles artist's souls.
Or anything, really - pitch me!


  1. The Guardian has an article today about 1930s Odeons, including the signature in Leicester Square. So how about there is a horror film premiere there and the producers are looking for an expert reproduction of the ghastly book that the movie is based on. It will serve as the centerpiece prop for the premiere. Through a catalog agent you are promised something even better- the real copy of the book, loaned for the evening by a very secretive client, provided the client can have two tickets to the premiere.

  2. I enjoyed the Odeon Page XX!