Thursday, 28 July 2011


Hello there!

I'm Adam. I post as Karloff on the YSDC forums and contribute The Bookshelf to their ongoing podcast, Yog Radio. I write, and have been published by Chaosium, Pagan Publishing, Miskatonic River Press, Pelgrane Press, and the Escapist, among others.

In this blog I'll be expanding on my Bookshelf reviews, concentrating initially on the books I've already covered for Yog Radio and then dealing with new material. I'll also be talking about my RPG work, describing the creative process as best I can. I hope this will be useful for Keepers and players alike! I'll probably concentrate on Trail of Cthulhu, Pelgrane's latest, as I find that the most interesting of the current horror tabletop games.

I hope you enjoy the blog!


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